Hand Tools

Aviation Snip Right

Aviation Snip Straight

Aviation Snip Left

Tin Snip


Mini Hacksaw

Hacksaw Heavy Duty

Back Saw

Hand Saw

Household Scissor

Utility Cutter Knife

Window Scraper

Flat Screwdriver

Star Screwdriver

Voltage Tester

Insulated Screwdriver

Screwdriver 6 PC Set

Insulated Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver Set with Bits

Screwdriver 48 PC Set

Screwdriver Star Bits

Screwdriver Flat Bits

Magnetic Bit Holder

Folding Hex Key Set

Ball End Allen Keys

Hex Key Wrench Set

T Handle Hex Keys

Hand Riveter

Folding Hand Riveter

Dent Puller

Blind Rivets

Diagonal Cutting Plier

Wire Stripper Plier

Combination Plier

Long Nose Plier

Water Pump Pliers

Bent Circlip Pliers

Straight Circlip Pliers

Locking Plier

End Cutting Pincer

Tower Pincer

Mini Bolt Cutter

Bolt Cutter

Pipe Wrench

Bench Vise

G Clamp

F Clamp

Steel Bricklaying Trowel

Plastering Teeth Trowel

Plastering Flat Trowel

PU Foam Trowel

Glass Cutter Handle

Carpenter Red Pencil

Tile Manual Cutter

Carpenter Planer

Measuring Steel Tape

Chalk Line With Reel

Steel Measuring Tape

Fiber Glass Measuring Tape

Digital Caliper

Mini Spirit Level

Long Spirit Level

Vernier Caliper

Steel Angle Ruller

Stainless Steel Ruler

Angle Ruler

Plumb Bob

Double Ring Spanner

Combination Spanner

Adjustable Wrench

Double Open End Spanner

Gear Fixed Wrench

Scaffolding Wrench

Combination Wrench

Dear Flexible Wrench

L Type Wrench

T Type Wrench

Cross Rim Wrench

Spanner Set

Reversible Ratchet

Spark Plug Socket

Ratchet with Socket Set

Universal Joint

Putty Scraper

Wall Scraper Set

Wall Scraper Fiber Handle

Wall Scraper Wooden Handle

Wooden Paint Brush

Nylon Bristle Paint Brush

Wooden Angle Brush

Nylon Ceiling Brush

Paint Refill Yellow Lines

Texture Refill Yellow Colour

Paint Refill Blue Colour

Paint Refill White Colour

Spike Refill White Colour

Paint Roller Steel Frame

Spike Roller With Frame

Radiator Roller Frame

Paint Tray Black Colour

Mixing Paddle For Painting Use

Caulking Gun Frame

Caulking Gun Without Frame

Roofing Hammer

Stone Hammer

Machinist Hammer

Ball Pein Hammer Wodden Handle

Rubber Hammer Wodden Handle

Axe Wodden Handle

Cold Chisel Flat Type

Sledge Hammer Wodden Handle

Cold Chisel Pointed Type

Wood Chisel Flat Type

Steel File

Crow Bar

Letter Punch

Center Punch

Finger Punch

Claw Hammer

Garden Rack

Pointed Shovel

Flat Shovel

Pick Axe

Plastic Box

Tool Box

Hand Trolley


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